Week 14 and feeling mighty fine

Man, I do love cycling.  I seriously love being on my bike. And I can feel the changes in my endurance.  Hills that felt difficult just a few weeks ago don’t even feel like inclines anymore.  I feel stronger, happier, healthier.  

I tried some new paths and even tried cycling with my kids this past week.  Cycled 67.1 miles this week.  I’d like to try for 75 miles this week.  I’m also excited because my husband, who always used to be an avid mountain biker (he actually talked me into getting onto a bike years ago), has been thinking about trying to get back onto his bike again, and this makes me happy.

I finally found my courage to hook up the baby bike seat and the double trailer.  My twins are nearly at the weight limit for the trailer, so I’m looking for a clean, used Weehoo Igo 2 double trailer now.  I’m desperate for one.  It can hold up to 100 pounds of kid, and it has optional pedals for the kids to help.  MUST HAVE!!!!

It was a lot of extra weight and a different center of gravity.  We biked 6.5 miles, slowly, with a fun playground break.  The baby needs to get used to wearing a helmet, obviously. She hates hats in general.  But it was fun. A challenge, hauling all that extra weight.  Slower start, slower stops, slower climbs.  But the kids enjoyed it too.

I did a lot of bike path riding this past week, and my clear favorite ride is a 16-18 mile ride from my house to Hugh Moore Park.  It’s a gorgeous, riverside, shaded ride with a mix of climbs and descents.  I see so much wildlife on this trail: mama deer with their babies, young bucks, groundhogs, bunnies, squirrels.  I’m so lucky to live in a place with so many beautiful, safe, clean bike paths.  Truly.  I so often see local police on motorcycles patrolling the paths too, which is so comforting.  I do carry pepper spray with me, just in case, because I often ride solo and in the evening, but the paths feel very safe.

I also finally took a ride on the canal path this past weekend, but I thought it would be shaded.  It was not.  And it was 95 degrees out.  I over-exerted and made myself really sick grom heat exhaustion, so today is a rest day.  Fun time today with my birthday kids.

Today was also weigh-in day, and I saw progress on the scale.

Today’s weight:  186.8

Loss since last week:  -4.8 pounds

14 week loss:  -36.2 pounds

Total weight loss:  -143.2

Current goals:  180 pounds by the end of June.

Cycle at least 75-100 miles per week, working to longer distances.


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  1. raerae811 says:

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing! Having a single child, I know how difficult it can be to find time for ourselves, but to have 3 children and be able to make such progress….kudos. Your dedication is truly inspiring. Keep it up!


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