Week 13 Check-In

Mondays are weigh-in days, so first, the stats:

Weight:  191.6 (-1.2 from last week)

Week 13 loss: -31.4 pounds

Total weight loss: -138.4 pounds

BMI: 32.9

I’m still so far from where I want to be, but I’m feeling better with each week.  I feel more fit, more energetic, happier.  It’s progress, even if it’s slow progress.

It’s spring, so the weather isn’t cooperating terribly well with my cycling schedule.  I was able to get 3hrs, 37min ride time for 36.5 miles with a climb of 1572 elevation.   I am hoping that I can get more ride time this week.  I’ve increased my average ride from 10 miles to 15-20 miles this week.

This past week, I rode the bike trail from Palmer Township over into upper Hackett’s Park, then down the path through Penn Pump and all the way up to Tatamy.  It was a gorgeous ride, and I made my way, slowly, up the south side of Hackett’s Hill, but on the way back, that steep-as-hell hill on the north side of Hackett’s damn near killed me.  I actually had to walk the middle 200 yds of it, which makes me angry with myself.  But it’s also something to work towards.  I’ll ride it again this week and it will be better.  Sometimes, I let hills psych me out.  I convince myself that I can’t do it, but really, in 1st gear, it’s just endurance.  I can do it.  I will do it.  And it will become a quicker and quicker climb each time I do it.  It’s a goal.

Image result for bike steep climb paved path

Beyond that, I did a lot of stress-eating in the early-to-mid part of the week.  We had a family loss, and while it’s geographically distanced from me, it was stressing me out a bit just because of the circumstances surrounding it.

I got this absolutely amazing slice of smoked gouda at the farmer’s market last week, and it became my best frenemy while I was stress-grazing.  It was so good, but it’s probably the reason why I only lost a pound this week.  I got the stress-eating in check by the end of the week, though, so I’m back in the game.

Image result for smoked gouda

This week?  The goal is to just stay on track with food and nutrition.  No big changes there.  What I’m doing is working.  3 small meals and 3 small snacks a day, 1000-1200 calories, at least 60g protein a day, meeting my fiber goals of 25g/day.  Basic stuff.

I’m also hoping to get on the bike more this week.  I have a goal of riding 300 miles in the month of June to raise money for pediatric cancer research in the Great Cycle Challenge (link is to my fundraising page, so if you’d like to help me raise some funds for the kids, I’d be super grateful!).

I truthfully just love being on my bike.  It feels like freedom and infinite possibilities when I’m in the saddle, like I can go anywhere.  I love the feeling of being the passenger and the engine.  I am looking at investing in some cycling leggings (now), cycling jersey (when I’m at my goal weight), and maybe some clipless pedals and shoes in the distant future.

I’m also going to get out on the bike path with the bike trailer and the baby bike seat.  I really want to do an Ice Cream Ride through Genesis Bicycles with the kids, but I want to get comfortable with the extra weight and change in ride feel with 3 passengers attached to my bike.  I’m hoping we can do an Ice Cream Ride this week!

If you’re also a biker, feel free to look me up on Strava.  I have zero friends on there, so I’d love to connect to my local biking village.

Image result for i love my bike


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