Back in the Saddle:  Week 12 Check-in 

Welp,  after last week’s meltdown (and thanks for the kind words of support), I’m back in the saddle, literally.

I was a bit worried about this morning’s weigh-in.  I tracked dutifully yesterday, but I indulged in both a beer (a delicious Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy) and and a slice of birthday cake at a picnic at our neighbor’s home.  It was a lovely occasion with lots of neighborhood friends, and I look forward to it every year.  

I mean, seriously, look at this cake.  How could I say no to a slice, right?

The kids had a blast, and ate more junk food than I allow in an entire year.  They played with the neighborhood kids and had a blast.  Until my daughter threw up in the middle of the night.  Too much junk food, apparently.

And especially nice was that my husband, who tries to be my buffer for social occasions (I have rather severe social anxiety at times), knew when I’d reached my limit, so I went back to the house with the baby and he stayed a while longer with the kids.  

Despite the meltdown last Monday about a pound of inexplicable weight gain, it was a good week.  I persevered.  I stayed on track.  I remained positive.  

Black Beauty and I on a BikeNY 5 Boro ride, pre-children.

First, I got Black Beauty fixed.  I love love love my bike.  She’s a beautiful riding machine, and she has stood the test of time.  She’s a matte black Cannondale CAD2 F500 mountain bike, and while she’s an older bike, she’s still as rock solid as the day she was manufactured.  She’s a joy to ride, and I took her to my favorite bike shop (Genesis Bikes) to get her brakes and chain replaced.  They’re just an amazing bike shop. Truly.  I’m looking forward to participating in some of their Ice Cream Rides this summer, once I get comfortable with the baby bike seat on my bike and the double bike trailer.  Maybe next week.

But she’s back on the road.  I took her out for an easy 10 mile leisure ride the other day, and it was HEAVEN.  I feel so free on my bike.  It was good for body and soul.

I’ve joined the Great Cycling Challenge to help fight Pediatric Cancer.  I’ve set an ambitious goal of riding 300 miles in June, and I’d like to raise $500 for the cause.  So if you’d like to donate a few bucks to help with pediatric cancer research, here’s the link.  It’s a great cause, truly.

I also got my bloodwork back, a thyroid check, as well as a metabolic vitamin panel and cholesterol check.  The thyroid is a bit off, so we’ll adjust.  No biggie.  The B12 and D were both pretty low.  I’ll adjust.

But yo, check out these cholesterol results.  Look at those numbers!  I was so pleased!

Finally, here are the weekly check-in stats, for those following along:

Weight this morning:  192.8

Loss since last week:  -5.2 pounds

12 week total loss:  -30.2 pounds

Total loss since my heaviest:  -137.2 pounds

Not too shabby.

What changes did I make this past week?  Well, first (TMI warning), I was noticing a problem with,  ahem, constipation, which can happen with a high protein diet,  so I started to focus on dietary fiber intake this past week.   I’m still looking for a tasty, nutritious fiber bar.   Fiber One bars don’t have a ton of fiber,  honestly (only 5g).  The only one that has any real fiber is the Oats and Peanut Butter variety,  with 9g of fiber.   They’re not bad. 

 I tried the NuGo Fiber Delish bars.  They have 12g dietary fiber,  and they’re healthy,  but they taste disgusting (in my opinion). 

My current favorite afternoon snack?  Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats (without the milk).  I know,  I know,  frosted with sugar,  but they have a good amount of fiber,  they’re yummy, and they’re very filling for an afternoon snack.   They feel like a real treat. 

My goals this week?  Weather permitting, get on that bike and ride ride ride.  Stay on track.  Keep pushing on.  

Oh, and please consider donating a couple of bucks to the cause of pediatric cancer reaearch, if you’re so inclined.  🙂  Thanks!!


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