Adapting on the Fly

9am:  drop off the twins at preschool

9:20am:  dentist appointment

9:45am:  Get call from preschool that son had an accident in his pull up.  Need to go change him. 

10am:  head back to preschool and change son

10:20am:  realize it’s too late to drive to trail, unload stroller,  run/walk,  and get back in time for pickup. 

10:25am:  strap baby to my back and walk around the neighborhood for some exercise.

Why carry the baby on my back instead of pushing her in the stroller?  This neighborhood quaint, historic, charming,  and ridiculously impassable with a stroller.  See photos.  

There was a time I would have given up,  and not adapted to the curve ball in my schedule.  Today,  I adapted.   It wasn’t as strenuous as I had hoped, but it was better than giving up and sitting there, knitting, which is what I would have done.  It’s something.  I might try to take my bike out tonight and see if the tires hold air for a ride.

Still, it was a pretty walk with some nice scenery and decent hills.


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