WIP Wednesday,  Healthy Me Edition

I usually reserve my WIP (work in progress) Wednesday parts for my knitting posts,  but today,  my WIP part is about me. 

I started the Couch-to-5K program this week,  and completed day 2 this morning.   I have often avoided the canal paths because they can sometimes feel a bit sketchy.  But as I said before,  our rails-to-trails paths are plentiful,  clean,  and lovely.   It was even reassuring, as I was walking my way back to my car,  to be passed by an Easton PD officer on a motorcycle,  patrolling the path.   

I went out this morning because we it got really stinking hot today (90s).  It went so-so.   My passenger seems to enjoy our outings, munching on graham crackers,  sipping juice (is important to hydrate,  right?), and practicing her yoga moves. 

I did 3.06 miles.   The first 2 miles were run/walk intervals (60:90), and the final mile was just a walk.   I’m slow,  I know.   It’s almost laughable,  and some of you hardcore distance runners are laughing at me,  but hey,  I make you look fast, right?  😉

My afternoon smoothies are simple, with minimal, basic ingredients.  Today,  it had a cup of frozen blackberries,  a teaspoon of raspberry matcha, a scoop of vanilla protein powder,  2 tablespoons of peanut butter powder,  ice,  and water.   I meant to add a bit of organic yogurt,  but I forgot.   It was tasty.   Very filling.  It tatted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,  sorta.   I definitely need to get a bigger blender, though.   These things are foamy,  and they expand with blending.   The Ninja isn’t cutting it.


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