Mama’s got some brand new (running) shoes

I went to Aardvark Sports in Bethlehem on Friday.  They’re such an amazing shop for runners.   My old shoes had seen more than their fair share of miles,  and I desperately needed new running shoes.  They looked at my gait,  and apparently,  I’m a mild overpronator.  This surprised me,  as I feel like I put more weight on the outside of my feet,  and the wear pattern on my old shoes seems to indicate this,  but perhaps pregnancy had changed my gait.   I put my faith in the experts. 

The nice guy at Aardvark looked at my gait,  and I explained to him the pain I’ve been having,  and my running goals.  He examined my old running shoes and measured my feet.   He brought out 2 pairs of Brooks (both really stylistically pretty), a pair of Saucony (also lovely and muted), and a pair of New Balance (garishly bright turquoise and WAY out of my shoe style comfort zone.)

Now you know I’m a Brooks girl.  I really love their shoes.   But my husband advised me to open myself to any shoes they suggested,  not just Brooks. So I did,  but I tried on the Brooks first,  because,  well,  I’ll a Brooks girl.   They felt quite nice,  but I was still feeling that pull across the inner tops of my feet.   So I tried on the Saucony.  They definitely felt better.   There was more cushion.   I was surprised.   I then tried the New Balance,  because I said I would.   Now here’s my caveat.   I have always hated New Balance shoes.   I have always always always found them to be overpriced,  heavy,  clunky, and poorly constructed/designed.  And while I love the color blue,  I’m not a “kicks girl.”  I like my shoes to be muted,  quiet.   But I tried them on,  these bright turquoise running monstrosities,  and they were light,  cushioned,  supportive,  and they seemed to fit perfectly.   It was like walking on air.   *heavy sigh*  They didn’t have them in any other colors.   

I tried on the Brooks again.   I tried on the Saucony again.  I tried to like the other ones more.   But in the end,  I went home with neon New Balance Vazee Prism V2 running shoes. 

I tried them out at the gym last night.   They really are comfortable.   I’m still experiencing a bit of the stiffness across the tops of my insteps, but it’s not debilitating,  and the recovery seems quicker.  I did about 5 miles last night,  and what a difference a new pair of shoes makes.   I still think I’m going to save up for a second pair of running shoes,  but aside from their aesthetics, they’re a solid shoe.   I like them.   I’m impressed.   I even expressed my reservations about NB to the guy at Aardvark, and he said that they had been working hard with a lot of redesigns,  and they were experiencing a bit of a renaissance now. 

I still feel like a Brooks girl in my heart, but these NB are a solid,  cushioned,  supportive running shoe.   I’m impressed.   They’re just so….bright and blue and loud.  And I don’t like loud shoes.  


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