Livin’ the Vida Matcha: Mixing Things Up

I’ve been at a bit of a plateau,  right at 200. It’s driving me bonkers,  honestly. 

I can contribute some of the plateau to my recent difficulty in getting to the gym.   But even so,  the weight should be dropping.  I’m absolutely draconian about counting my calories (always under 1200), heavy in protein and only complex carbs,  normal intake of healthy fats, lots of water.

It should be coming off regardless.

So I’m mixing things up this week.   I’ve been reading a lot about the health benefits of matcha,  so I’m giving it a try (beginning yesterday).  It’s interesting stuff.   I don’t like the grassy taste at all,  so I mix it in protein shakes/smoothies.   I have 3 varieties:  cappuccino, vanilla, and raspberry.  

I had the vanilla in a shake yesterday,  with a scoop of vanilla protein powder and 2 TBSP of PBFit (peanut butter powder), and a tsp of vanilla matcha.   It was meh in taste, but it gives a gentle buzz. I need to remember not to have it past 2 or 3, as it kept me awake last night.

This morning,  I put a teaspoon of the cappuccino matcha in my espresso protein shake.  Again, meh.

This afternoon, I tried a different approach:  a scoop of vanilla protein powder, ice, water, vanilla matcha, 2 TBSP of peanut butter powder, AND a banana.  Blended it all up, and not too shabby.  It still has some subtle grassy notes, but better.  I’m anxious to see whether it helps to boost my metabolism at all, so we’ll see how things go over the next few weeks.

I’m also excited that I finally found my jogging stroller,  thanks to the eagle eye of a local mommy friend.  It’s a beast of a machine,  in terms of weight,  but it’s a super sweet ride (a Zooper Boogie) and I’m so excited to fill her tires and get her out on the road.   Big Blue was totally worth the wait.  I washed her covers today, so pics will have to wait.   Thank you,  H, for spotting her for me!

I also hate to acknowledge it, but I need new running shoes.   My Brooks Dyad 6 running shoes were amazing,  but I think they’ve just seen too many miles, which is a good thing,  I guess.   They have a torn lace loop, and they just sprouted a tiny tear.  I’ll keep them for general everyday walking, but I’m heading to Aardvark tomorrow to get a new pair.  

I like to look for deals when I can,  but I learned one lesson about running shoes:  always always always spring for the good pair of running shoes,  and I got a ton of really comfortable running and walking miles out of my Dyads.  Brooks makes a good shoe for runners, in my experience.  I think my feet and gait have changed since pre-kids, though, so I’m trusting the pros at Aardvark in Bethlehem to look at my gait, the pain I’ve been having across the tops of my feet, and the wear on my current shoes to guide me to my next pair of running shoes so I can get back on the treadmill/road.

More on my new stroller toy and the search for running shoes this weekend.  


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