Week 9 Check-In


Still struggling to get to the gym, but this is a new week.  I’m hoping I’m able to get there this week.  I was sick yesterday, but I should at least be able to get there tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Thursdays are out because my husband has “f-ing ensemble practice,” so he’s not able to watch the kids.  I have a complicated relationship with our church.  I love the community and the people, but I find myself often feeling resentful of his commitments to the church as an entity.  It’s an ongoing battle.  But I digress. Thursdays are out for gym-time. And Planet Fitness closes at 7pm on the weekends, which seems annoyingly early.  I wish they’d stay open until 9pm.  I just can’t get there by 7 on a weekday.

One day of hard cardio this past week.  One lousy day.  I’m almost too embarrassed to post my exercise “journal.”

I’m having trouble with hunger lately.  Lots of hunger.  So I’ve been snacking, nibbling, grazing.  It’s not good. I need to get it in check, plan better, and drink more when I’m hungry.  
I’m going to try a couple of new things this week.  First, I’m going to try some herbal iced teas to increase my fluid intake.  I am having some trouble with cold steeping herbal tea, though, so I might just hot steep it next time.  It tastes like very, very mildly nuanced water, which is disappointing since it was really expensive tea.  But I added a tiny tiny bit of Stevia blend to it, and am adding a couple of apple slices.  We’ll see.  I’m experimenting. 

You see, I’m a coffee drinker.  I am a pretty high-strung person in general, though I have this image of the person I want to be, and that’s a tea-drinking Frankie  (from The show Grace and Frankie).  I want to embrace my Frankie, and let go of my Grace.  

And part of that, in my weird, twisted mind, is to become a tea drinker.  I can’t explain it.  I’m drawn to the ritual of it, the softness of it.  So I checked out a Steeped Tea online party. I’m still trying to love their tea.  I’m working out the parameters of my blossoming relationship with tea.   I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about my move to tea and my becoming-Frankie journey. I mean,  I’m already a hippie-dippy, soapmaking mama, right?  

I’ve also started to do a fruit smoothie once a day,  and I’m working out the kinks of that.   Just basic stuff right now – some fresh strawberries, ice, and Stoneyfield banilla yogurt (nectar of the Gods).  And I ordered some vanilla matcha tea.  I’m going to try to add a teaspoon to my smoothies to see if it can help to boost my metabolism and push me past this stupid plateau. It will admittedly make the color kinda gross, I’m sure (not this happy pink color).  I’ll probably have to find an alternative source for the matcha, though, as this brand is super duper expensive.  Again, it’s a new stretch of the journey, so I’m flexible with my options.  

But here are the stats on Week 9.  It’s not as much progress as I’d like, but at least it’s progress, right?  
Current weight:  200.6

For those keeping score, that’s a loss 2.8 pounds this past week, a loss of 22.4 pounds in 9 weeks, a total loss of 127.4 since the weight loss surgery, and a bmi of 34.4.

*heavy sigh*  Still obese.


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