WIP Wednesday:  2017 Socks #3


I’m finally working on socks again. I love the stripey sock yarns,  so this was another pair of striped socks.  The pattern was my favorite,  the Tootsie Roll socks by Paper Daisy Creations.  The yarn is also one of my favorites,  Nomadic Yarns Twisty sock in the Indio colorway.   These were my second completed pair of the year.  There was a time when I could finish a pair in a week.  These days,  I’m proud of one sock a month.  Kids.  ❤

This pattern is so fun,  with its retro slouchy fit.  They’re so cute and comfy.   The yarn is divine to work with,  strong but soft.   

I immediately cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks with a tiny bit of side ribbing for fit.  These are in a workhorse yarn, Opal.  I call these my “Cool Running” or “Jamaican Bobsled Socks” because of the colors.

The sad truth is that while I stopped buying sock yarn over a year ago, I’m DROWNING in sock yarn.  No, seriously.  Garbage bags full of it.  Totes and totes and totes of it.  It’s like insulation, stuffed in every damn nook and cranny of this house.  Beautiful, wool, ondie-dyed sock yarn.  I need to knit it.

I also want to get a loom at some point and start to weave up some of this beautiful sock yarn, but looms are expensive, so that’s a dream deferred for the time being.  


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