D is for Delays (and Distractions): Week 5 Check-in

I’m,  like, supposed to be blogging daily.   I always sign up for these daily blogging challenges and fade off about halfway through,  partially from distraction and partially from lack of interest and inspiration. 

This time,  it’s mostly because I’ve just been hella busy and uninspired.   I’m going to try to catch up this week to get back on track with my alphabetical posts. 

Mondays are weigh-in days, check-in days, and general reflection and goal-setting.

First,  the numbers.   My scale said 207.2 this morning.   That’s 4 pounds down from last week, 15.8 pounds down after 5 weeks,  and still 122.8 down from my initial pre-bariatric weight.  It’s not where I want to be, but I’m slowly moving in the right direction,  getting back to my goal weight.  Again.  It’s going to take time.   I’m impatient.  I just can’t believe that I’m back here again.   I try to cut myself a bit of slack.  I gave birth to 3 babies in 3 years, so surely that means I can be kind to myself.   Some days,  yes.  Some days,  no.     

So, success on the scale this week.   I tend to stick with simple foods,  when I can.   I grew up in the country,  and we country girls tend to prefer simple foods.  So for my protein sources,  I tend to go for basic:  roasted chicken,  no frills.  Ground beef in the form of country-style meatballs or a basic beef barbecue.   It’s not exciting,  but it tastes good and it’s basic.   Controllable.  Portions.  

Easter is going to be a challenge because I have a serious sweet tooth,  especially for good dark chocolate, but I think I’ve found a reasonable solution to that crisis.   We like to treat ourselves to a Josh Early peanut butter cream egg every Easter.   We get the smallest one to share,  but it’s our tradition.   

This year,  though,  I opted for a few smaller treats.  I’ll still account for them calorically, but they satisfy my dark chocolate craving but they don’t throw me off my game:  dark chocolate non-pareils.  Each one is just about 20 calories, so 2-3 of them satisfies the craving.  Bonus:  they were my grandfather’s favorite chocolate treat,  so they always remind me of him. 

I also got a container of dark chocolate covered mini pretzels.  They’ll serve the same purpose.  They satisfy a craving without breaking the caloric bank (about 25-30 calories each).

I didn’t meet my exercise goals this week,  which is so frustrating.  I only got there 4 days.  I’m still setting my goal at 5-6 times per week.   I worked hard at the gym yesterday (last night), so today is my rest day (I find that if I’m doing double cardio workouts twice in 8 hours,  it’s counter-productive for me,  so since I didn’t get there until last night,  I’ll rest today rather than go back in 6 hours later for another intense cardio workout.  Plus, I’m still having a lot of pain across the top of my foot.  It’s frustrating.

Still, not a bad week.   It was a week of distractions and delays,  but I’m still moving in the right direction.   I’m still holding out hope that my husband will have my bike and trailer fixed by this coming weekend for my birthday,  but it’s not looking good.   *heavy sigh*  


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