C is for Chicken (and Can’t Catch A Break):  Week 4 Check-in

Mondays are weigh-in days.  I was looking forward to seeing my progress this morning because when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was 209.6.  

This morning, my official weigh-in was 211.2

So for those of you following the numbers, that’s 2 pounds down from last week, 11.8 pounds down in the 4 weeks since I began blogging, and still 118.8 down from pre-surgery.  That’s a perfectly reasonable amount of weight, so why am I so angry and disappointed in myself?  
So it’s time to reflect on the past week and set goals for the week.

First, last week.  I clearly fell short on my exercise goal.  There were 3 days that I couldn’t go to the gym because the baby was awake when I was trying to sneak out.  But here are my gym stats, such as they are.

Not what I wanted to accomplish, certainly, but at least I went, and I worked hard while I was there.  This is a new week.

Another point to evaluate is why my weight went back up from Sunday to Monday, and I’m reasonably certain that the culprit was teriyaki chicken and brown rice w/ pineapple.  Why?  SODIUM.  I was well within my calorie count, so that’s the only reasonable explanation.  Damn chicken. An excellent protein source, yes, but the sauce was salty.  Grrr.  The good news is that it’s a temporary setback.  But damn chicken.

Now for planning for the week ahead.


  1. Get to the gym at least 5 times this week and work hard.  
  2. Stick with the menu as planned.
  3. Talk my husband into fixing my bike and bike trailer.

More on #3:  I have an awesome Cannondale mountain bike.  She is a sexy machine, carbon black, and she’s taken me many many miles since I lost the weight the first time.  

Isn’t she pretty?

She is neglected.  I also have a double bike trailer that I’ve never used.  It has two bad tubes, and I don’t know how to fix them, and I don’t have the money to get them fixed at Genesis.  So I asked, nay, begged, my husband to fix my bike (needs new tubes), my bike trailer, and I found a baby bike seat for child #3 (picking it up today!).  I even set it up as a birthday present.  I’m hoping he takes the not-so-subtle hint.  If I can get my bike and trailer set up, it would solve all my problems.  On days when I can’t get to the gtm, I can load up the 3 hooligans and go for a ride on any number of Easton’s lovely bike trails.  I can bike them to the playground.   I can get my exercise, enjoy family time, and all I need is for my husband to fix my bike and my trailer.  
So if you see him, please ask him how my birthday gift of exercise and mobility and health and family bike rides is going.  Nudge him.  Hell, harangue him, if need be.  I want my bike by Easter, darn it.  

So that’s it.  Last week wasn’t what I had hoped, but I’m still down 2 pounds.  And I’m motivated to make the necessary changes to make this week better.  

But seriously.  Damn chicken.  


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