2017 A-to-Z Blogging Challenge:  A is for Accountability


I love writing.  It’s where my heart resides, if I’m to be honest about it.  I’m not a poetic creative type, mind you.  I’m not someone who loves writing about research either.  I do, however, love memoir-style writing. I just love the art of wordsmithing and painting my life with words.  
Maybe it’s because I’m such an introvert.  You can ask me a question in person, and I might mutter awkwardly, trying to ineptly articulate my thoughts, but if asked in writing, I’ll wax lyrically for pages and pages of sophisticated, witty banter.  

I’m happy to be blogging again.  One day, when I am able, I’d like to return to the workforce in a job that involves an extensive amount of writing.  

I’ve decided to join the 2017 A-to-Z Blogging Challenge by blogging daily.  Today is Day 1, and I’m going to post about accountability:  mine.

I faced the challenge of seemingly insurmountable weight loss last time around.  It was such a HUGE amount to lose (almost 200 pounds!!!)  I felt like I’d never get there, so I set smaller goals, just like when I’m learning to run.  If I envision the entire distance, it feels like it’s too much, too far.  But if I decide just to run to the end of the block or that tree in the distance, I get there and then set another small goal.  Plus, I’m competitive in nature, so I’m more of a sprinter, not a marathon runner (in both running and life.)  

My husband likes to say that I burn hot and fast about everything.  If I’m knitting socks, I must knit ALL THE SOCKS IMMEDIATELY.  If I’m baking bread, I’m doing it all the time.  If I’m making soap, I build a business out of it and get really good at it.  This is inspirational for some, but keep in mind that those of us who are of this predisposition to burn hot and fast get things started, but we also exhaust our fuel very quickly.  I get bored with things easily too, and I want to move onto the next challenge.  It’s infuriating for people like my husband, who are of the stay-the-course, if-it-ain’t-broke mentality.  He does admit, however, that people like me also tend to learn new skills very quickly because we don’t over-think things, and we just committed, all-in, and put all of our energy into whatever our current passion du jour happens to be.

For example, I have a local handmade soap business. I finally have an established,  loyal clientele base who my products.   I’m at a local farmers market each summer.   But I’m growing bored. My husband sees the signs of my growing malaise, as he’s seen it before,  so he’s really trying to be encouraging so I stick with it.

But what does this have to do with weight loss, health, and accountability?  Goal-setting, whether it’s with my business,  blogging,  parenting,  wife-ing, job-hunting, knitting, or any number of other things,  helps me work toward the short game when the long game seems unattainable.
It keeps me accountable.

So I’m setting mini goals this month, the first being too get below 200lbs by the end of April.  I’m truthfully embarrassed every Monday when I post my weight from weigh-in.  It feels like I’m sharing a very raw, open wound with the world by sharing that one little number.  You all watched me lose it the first time, and now,  here I am,  not back to where I started, but definitely not where I want to be. It feels like I’m baring a bit of my shame and feeling like a failure every week when I post that number, but it’s part of my commitment to accountability.  

I’m the only one responsible for my pregnancy weight gain.  I’m the only one who can get it back off, and that has to come from accountability.  I got myself here.  I’ll get myself back.  My husband says that when I refer to my excess weight as “baby weight,” that it’s me placing the blame for my weight gain on my kids.  Maybe he’s right about that. I certainly used pregnancy and motherhood as an excuse for my weight gain, and as a food free-for-all.  

But I know how to lose the weight.  The number on the scale goes down each week.  It gets easier to go to the gym every day and it gets harder and harder to get my heart rate up, so it’s working.  My body is adjusting well to my new normal.

I have a system.   I’m a creature of habit. 

I am the Hare in the story,  which is a challenge for weight loss.  

How do you set goals?  Are you a tortoise or a hare?


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  1. J.S. Pailly says:

    As a writer, accountability has always been one of my problems too. Part of the problem is that I always feel I’m being either too strict or too lenient with myself. I’ve had some success by leaning on friends to be accountability partners. It helps to have get an outsider’s perspective.


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