Progress and Reflections:  Week 3 Check-in

Mondays are weigh-in days for me,  and they also provide me a moment to reflect on my successes, my failures,  and my challenges (as well as how I responded to those challenges).

Weight loss confuses and frustrates me.   I understand that the basics are simple.   It’s basic math.   Burn more calories than you take in.   Easy,  right?   Yet yesterday, I weighed in at 212.6.  But at this morning’s official weigh-in,  it was 213.2.  My husband says that I was either really dehydrated yesterday (I am a nursing mama right now,  and exercising a lot,  but I still don’t think this is possible,  since I drink 120-150 oz of water a day) or I just really need to,  ahem, use the loo today, if you know what I mean.  Still, it felt disheartening. 

Today’s official weight, then,  was 213.2, down 2.2lbs since last Monday.

That’s a loss of 9.8lbs in 3 weeks,  and I’m still down 116.8 since pre-bariatric.


  • I went to the gym.   I worked hard. 
  • I successfully charted and was under my calorie goal every day.   
  • I spaced out my calories across the entire day,  and made wiser choices. 
  • I drank lots of water. 
  • I lost weight.   
  • I am making better, high protein snack choices (teriyaki turkey jerky is an awesome snack, yo!!)


  • I’m really out of shape.   I was running 5ks and cycling 50 mile races with ease before this.   I’m really out of shape, and I’m really frustrated with myself for that. And 5am feels awfully early for the nursing mama of a baby who refuses to sleep through the night yet. 
  • I bought a really good pair of running shoes back when I was super heavy.  I had horrible plantar fasciitis, and so I went to Aardvark Sports in Bethlehem.   They looked at my gait and found me the best pair of shoes ever:  Brooks Dyad 6.  They were like walking on clouds,  and these shoes saw me through fat-to-skinny.  But now, I’m just walking in them,  and I have a horrible blister/sore on the back of my right foot.   I don’t know what’s going on.   Maybe pregnancy changed my foot/gait?  Maybe they’re just old.   I was an athlete in high school,  and I have the mindset of pushing through pain,  so I was stupid.  I didn’t rest it.   I was stupid (yes,  I’m using that word twice because it applies here) and I slapped a piece of moleskin on top of that huge blister and pushed through the pain.  Twice. See, I told you. Stupid.  But I love walking those high-hill walking programs.   Now I don’t know what to do.  I’ll figure it out. I am on the lookout for a sale at Aardvark so I can get a new pair of running shoes. 
  • Special events are not my friend.  On Saturday, we attended my nephew’s piano recital,  and there were snacks.  I successfully avoided the sugary stuff,  but damn it, I had 2 of those Philly Pretzel rivets without looking them up.   Fifty calories each!  100 calories for 2 little, overly-salty soft pretzel bites!  Buggggger!
  • Then,  our twins attended their first kid birthday party at Gym Time.  There was birthday cake.   I successfully avoided it.   Then there was cheesecake. Bugggger! I scarfed down half a slice of 800 calorie cheesecake.  For real,  fat girl?  Seriously???  And cheesecake is tricky because it doesn’t taste overly sweet because of the sourness of the cream cheese,  but holy cow,  it made me sick as a darn dog because of the sugar.   Lesson learned.   I hope.   Old dog.  New tricks.
  • I’m getting a lot of pain across the tops of my ankles after impact workouts.  It’s just the extra weight.   I’m trying extra stretches that are focused on that pay of my body. 

Short term goals:

  • Lose weight, obviously.   My goal is that every week,  I see a number on that scale that I will never ever see again.   Ever. 
  • Increase my workouts from 5x/week to 7x/week. 
  • Integrate strength training (and by this,  I mean toning,  not bulking) into my workouts at least 3x/week.  I’m still focusing on cardio mostly. 
  • Figure out a solution to the blistering/sores happening on my right heel. It’s really holding me back. And I hate being held back. 
  • I signed up my twins for an intro to running series, in which they run 1/8 mile races, every 2 weeks,  for 6 races.   I will run with them. Anybody have a jogging stroller I can borrow for the summer?  😊

Longer-term goals:  

  • Get a new pair of running shoes. Find a sale, because good running shoes aren’t cheap.
  • When I cross into the bmi range for  “overweight, ” (174lbs), I’ll start training to run again.   I don’t want to hurt myself by starting this too soon. 
  • Start running again.  Not for the races this time,  but just for me. 

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