On the Hunt for Healthy Nutrition Bars:  Week 2 Check-in

Mondays are my weigh-in days, so on a positive note, I’m down from where I was (Weight:  215.4, down 7.6 since I started the blog 3 weeks ago, and still down 114.6 since pre-bariatric surgery).  I’d still like to get down to 140ish, so I still have 75ish pounds to lose to hit my goal.  It’s not melting away this time, but it IS coming off.  I just seem to need to work harder this time, which is frustrating but fine.

I’ve been enjoying my gym time, though it’s still tough finding a time to go without kids.  Today is a rest day for me, but I might try to do something at home.  We have an insanely small home that is so so cluttered with kid stuff that I don’t really have the space for home workouts, but I might try this.  
But onto the subject of my post:  nutrition bars.  I have tried them all.  I’ve been on the hunt for a delicious, healthy, simple, crunchy, affordable, satisfying pick-me-up bar.  The traditional protein bars are so gross to me.  I’ve tried so many, and between all the artificial stuff and the taste, they just don’t work.

I like food, and I only allow myself 1200 calories a day.  If I’m going to eat something, it needs to taste good and fulfill a nutritional need.  The basic protein bars do neither for me.

I like LaraBars and RXbars, but they’re not as crunchy as I’d like.  I liked Clif and Luna, but they’re loaded with sugars.  I wanted something non-GMO, low on the glycemic index, no sugar alcohols, tasty, some protein, and some fiber.  Did I mention that they need to be tasty and crunchy?

I did some research and decided to try Kind bars.  The first one I tried was this:

This was love at first bite.  It has a super satisfying nutty crunch, and it’s not overly sweet.  I had an espresso protein shake for breakfast (Click Espresso Protein), and by around 10, I was getting hungry.  The Kind bar satisfied a craving for something crunchy, and it seems to be getting me through until lunch.  I’ll definitely be trying other varieties.  
Yes, I do know I should make my own, but the truth is that if you account for time and ingredients, there’s no way I can make something similar to these for $1/bar, and so they’re an affordable option for a crunchy, quick, pick-me-up.  I like.  And they don’t taste like a yucky protein bar.  Win.


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