Back to the Gym


If you want to lose weight and get healthy, you have to exercise.  You just do, bariatric or not.

And I’m currently a SAHM, so I’ll admit that self-care has taken a backseat to caring for my 3 little hooligans.

Recently, I decided that I need to take better care of me again and get my healthy girl swagger back.  But my mental health needed some attention too.  I’m so short-tempered lately, and I have come to believe that it’s because I never never never have any alone time reserved just for me.  I need to turn my brain off, not have to talk to anyone, and just pay attention to my body and reset my brain.

So back to the gym I go.  I like the gym, but it’s tough to find affordable options.  I’d love to go to the Y, as they have great family programming and child care, but they’re priced WAY out of our price range. I also like LA Fitness, but again, they’re a bit pricey and they don’t offer baby care.

Planet Fitness caught my eye because they’re not pricey, very basic, and clean. Plus, a new one opened up just a couple of miles from my home.  

I gave myself 2 weeks to get my healthy eating on track before adding a gym routine.  Plus, PF doesn’t prorate their monthly memberships, and they run the 17th to the 17th each month.

I went for the first time this morning.  Fitting in gym time with 3 small children is rough. I was going to go at 7am when they opened, but 2 of my 3 kids were already awake at 6:45.  Plan foiled. I’m trying to work it out.  I’ll go at 6am on the weekdays, before everyone wakes up, and use evenings after bedtime as my backup.  Weekends are trickier.  I’m planning and scheming.  

I opted for a stationary bike this morning because it’s brainless and solid cardio.  I pushed hard for 65 minutes, got my heartrate to 160-165 and maintained it there for an hour.  My bootie is sore, so it will be the elliptical tomorrow.

This coming week will be daily cardio, and then the week after, I’ll start to integrate some strength training on top of that.

It felt so emotionally and physically good to be back.  To be sweaty.  To be sore.  To burn off some excess energy, to not have to talk to anyone, to shut off my brain for an hour.  

I feel good.  I feel really good, for the first time in a very long time.  I’m doing something for me.  Finally.


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  1. Loftspeaker1 says:

    I have 3 children as well and I love to exercise. It helps to motivate and keep me feeling good about myself.


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