I Love Socks (it’s an obsession)

I tend to be a rather conservative,  casual dresser.   Before becoming a SAHM, I wore lots of loose, comfortable clothing with Birks or Docs, depending on the season. 

Now,  as a mother of 3 tiny,  quick,  high-energy forces of nature, I need to stay comfortable and casual for different reasons.   I need to keep up with these little humans. 

But while I LOVE color,  I tend to avoid it in my wardrobe.   I think it’s mostly because I was so big for so long,  and I never really wanted to stand out.   Dark, muted colors helped to camouflage my body,  or at least I thought it did. 

I think I’ll always have the brain of a bigger girl, so my wardrobe choices haven’t really changed.   I still buy clothing that is admittedly too big on me.  I still tend to dress only in blacks and greys, even though I absolutely ADORE color.

The only real exception I ever make is with my socks.   I’m a knitter,  and that’s where my color obsession surfaces:  in my handknit socks.

But I so rarely have time to knit my socks these days, which makes me sad.  And I REALLY miss my colored crazy socks.

I thought I’d try a “Sock of the Month” club, just for 3 months to try it.  The most recommended one seemed to be from Foot Cardigan, and I received my first pair on Monday.

They’re definitely cute, though not quite as colorful as I’d like.  I’ll see what the other 2 months have in store before I finally decide whether to continue.

I’ve also been stalking the stockings at a really awesome site called John’s Crazy Socks.  It’s run by a young man with Downs Syndrome and his father.  I’d LOVE to support them, and they have the BEST socks I’ve ever seen, but they’re going through some growing pains right now, so they’re pretty much sold out of everything.

They’re aware of the issue, and trying to get caught up with demand, so they’re even offering a coupon code right now for 10% off gift cards for when their supply issues are fixed.  The coupon code?  PATIENCE.  Cute, right?  I’d like to get myself a gift card from them.  Husband.  Idea Alert. I really hope they get their supply issues fixed, because I’m DYING for some cute socks like these.  I mean, math socks, troll socks, nerd socks, wine socks, banned books socks, honeybee socks.  *swoon*


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